·         End of year assessment data 2015/16:


§  79% of our reception children reached a good level of development by the end of the year


§  In year 2 the % of children reaching ARE was 78% in reading, 67% in writing and 67% in maths..


§  In Year 6 the % of children reaching ARE in reading was be 60%, in writing it was 70%, in maths it was 50%; and in SPAG it was 50%. These results are lower than the national average, particularly in maths and SPAG. Progress measures, however, showed that children at RPS made progress that was broadly in line with their peers nationally.


§  78% of year 1 children passed the phonics screening test


§  100% of year 2 re-takers passed the phonics screening test.



To compare our results to national results please check out the performance tables' service which can be found at: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/