Welcome to Class 2 for children in Years Two,Three & Four.

My name is Mark Ferdinando and I am very excited about my new role as Class 2 teacher.

I am passionate about inclusion and giving every child the support they need to do their very best. I believe that learning should be fun, engaging and rewarding.

Philippa Fraser and Leigh Fyfe are my wonderful Teaching Assistants, they both support the children and make sure they all get the attention they need to thrive. In the afternoons we have Tracey Taylor join us.


On Monday 13th June, we had a really fun day on Rackenford Common making dens to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday. We had a wonderful time searching through the undergrowth to find wood to make our dens. All of the dens looked fantastic and really celebrated the Queen's birthday.

After the den building we had a picnic lunch in the hall and Sandra did an amazing job of making fish and chips in bags and a Union Jack themed birthday cake.

In the afternoon the children took part in four activities- a very wet scavenger hunt on the common, making Queen themed stamps,  brain gym and writing a prayer for the Queen.

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!!



The Year 3 and 4 children had a wonderful 3 day residential at Escot Park near Ottery St Mary last week.  The children and teachers stayed in yurts in the centre’s ‘Yurt Village’ and were very lucky to have had fantastic weather during our stay.


Whilst we were on our residential, we spent a lovely morning deep in the woods taking part in Bush-craft activities. The children learnt how to start a fire and make a shelter fit for a rain storm. Many of the children thoroughly enjoyed when the instructors Ali or Laura tipped a bucket of water over the top of their shelters to see if they were waterproof!! This was followed by the infamous ‘Swamp-Walk’ where the children and some of the staff made their way through the 100 metre mire of mud and swamp water!!! It was great fun and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed lying in the mud, covering themselves in the mud and washing off in the pond at the end of the walk.


Another highlight of the residential was walking through the park in the evening. We were taken down to the beaver enclosure and had to tread very lightly if we were to have any chance of seeing the beavers. As soon as we got to the beaver enclosure we spotted one of the beavers swimming upstream, however we were even luckier when one of the beavers swam to where we were sitting and swam around in a circle and then swam back upstream again.


We finished off our stay at Escot with a visit to their amazing Anglo-Saxon village. The children learnt how to carve wood, make bread, forge an Anglo-Saxon brooch and even got to dress as an Anglo-Saxon!




On Friday 20th May, Class 2 had an enjoyable day making and decorating our class planter. The class chose an ‘Olympic’ theme and have bedecked the planter with every embellishment going. On the front of the planter are the Olympic rings with the words ‘Rio’ and ‘2016’ spelt in drawing pins. On one side of the planter we have our Union Jack in red, white and blue jewels and on another side we have the Brazilian flag made out of buttons. We have planted the planter with runner beans and flowers in the Olympic colours. Twisted around the canes are strings of multi-coloured beads to represent fireworks and the Rio Carnival. Flags and athletes made out of wire complete the planter. A big thank you to Mrs Bartels who came in to help us with this project.


We also enjoyed the ‘Golden Treat’ which was a bouncy castle and face painting.


I have been incredibly proud of how the Year Two children have taken their end of Key Stage 1 SATs tests this week. What has really impressed me is their willingness to try their best and also to check their work through to find and correct mistakes. A big WELL DONE to all of them!!


Whilst the Year 2’s have been busy, the Year 3’s have been really supportive and also really quiet!!. During this time they have written some fantastic metaphor poems. Here are a few of the best lines from some of them.


Spring is 6 o’clock, tea time with a warm pizza straight out of the oven.

Spring is a half-licked lamb ready to walk.

Spring is an opened-roof soft top.

By Alice Heywood.


Summer is a cold, refreshing ice-cream after a paddle in the sea.

Summer is a brown and white Shetland galloping across a field.

Summer is a scorching sun with a warm breeze.

By Isabelle Perry.


Summer is a cold, fizzy lemonade, cool and refreshing.

Summer is a jet-black horse with a stripe down his nose

Summer is a fast Ferrari, ready to race to France.

Summer is a honey sandwich, squishy and tasty.

By Myrtle Scudamore.


Summer is a lovely morning with the dew still on the grass.

Summer is a cute, furry otter sun-bathing in the river.

Summer is a smooth short-sleeve t-shirt with a denim skirt.

Summer is a nice pork kebab with creamed potatoes.

By Lily Herniman.


About David Beckham

He is a bounding dog sprinting for the ball.

He is a blue sky with a gentle breeze.

He is a seat on a fast, energetic roller-coaster.

By Alana Byatt


About Bear Grylls

He is a lime-green hammock camouflaged.

He is midnight, 12 O’clock in the dark.

By George Dalton


About the Queen

She is elderflower and water.

She is a sofa that is nice to sit on.

She is a Summer’s day.

By Callum Jackson


About Pixie Lot

She is a gentle rain storm.

She is a hot chocolate with marshmallows.

She is 9 O’clock in the morning, ready to go!

By Morgan Tucker


About Katy Perry

She is a fancy chair, really expensive.

She is midnight, 12 O’clock.

She is a lion, roaring for help.

She is a shiny, hot day with the sun blazing.

By Tilly Herniman.



We were very lucky to have a lady from the fire-service come and visit us on Wednesday afternoon. She taught the children about STOP, DROP and Roll, as well as instructions as what to do in the event of a fire in their houses. Hopefully they have been badgering you to make an escape plan in the unlikely event of a fire in your home.


A few weeks ago, the children were visited by Bishop Sarah of Crediton. The children showed the Bishop our class R.E book and also asked her about her job and role as a bishop. This has tied in really well with our R.E theme of leaders within the church and society. We have also read the parable of ‘The Good Samaritan’ that Jesus told his followers to show them how they should live their lives. It has also helped us to think about having a good set of morals or rules to live your life by.


Class 2 have been learning about the ‘Life-cycle of flowering plants’. As part of this topic the children have dissected flowers to identify the different parts of the flower such as the stamen, anther, stigma and have even located the eggs within the ovary.


They have also made propagators and they will hopefully watch their seeds germinate in the perfect conditions (warmth and in a moist environment).